We would love for you to become apart of our Grace Place family! Partner with us to advance the kingdom and Jesus Christ!

The 4 C’s

Cultivation –  We exist to share the grace of God with all people and we want you to invite others to experience the transforming love of God expressed through His beloved son Jesus Christ.

Charity – We encourage consistent cheerful giving. It is a privilege to give back to God what He has shared with us for the advancement of the kingdom.

Contribution – We exist to create opportunities for people to serve with the talents and gifts God has given each of us by volunteering in the local church.

Community – Getting involved in small groups provides the most effective way to cultivate and build community.


Service Areas

No task is too small or insignificant, we are all important to God and we can make a meaningful contribution to the body of Christ.  We would love to have you serve with us!

 “If anyone desires to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all.”
Mark 9:35